You don’t really love Halloween like that

I love Halloween, for me, it’s a holiday. If my office told me that I couldn’t wear a costume to work, I would say that my Halloween costume is actually religiously exempt from their conservative grandstanding. Are you just going to lie to my face and tell me that Halloween isn’t a holiday? If not, then what is it? And it’s such a shame to see that people are appropriating my religion. My culture is not your costume. I just don’t think that a lot of you are really loving Halloween like you claim to be. I see you guys dressing up in your costumes which you guys didn’t put much thought into. Some of you posting your costumes on social media and then uploading a companion picture because you know that no one is going to get what the costume is going to be. You’re insecure because you don’t believe in your costume and idea. It’s a shame. Where’s the confidence?

But most importantly, I see that a lot of you are always happy to post your outfits on a Friday or Saturday night, but never show up to work in the costume. I’m just saying, that if you were truly down for the festivities, then you’d be willing to dress up when you’re not out at a party. I don’t care if I’m the only person dressed up at the office, the grocery store, or at the hospital. I’m dressing up damnit. Don’t you like having fun? At what point did you decide in your childhood that dressing up was only going to be a thing you do at a party and not at work? Jeez, some of you really are getting old. It’s the only day in the entire calendar year where it’s acceptable to look like a clown. But I guess some of you don’t need help with that.

Regardless, I just want everyone to enjoy Halloween as I gatekeep the crap out of it. You’re totally welcome to send me your Halloween pics but just realize that you will be under scrutiny as this day is a very holy one for me.

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