You don’t need to buy it

It’s starting to get cold which means that it’s time for your wardrobe to get switched up for the drop in temperature. As much as the snow and slush suck, I will not lie – I am looking forward to pulling off some sick outfits come winter time. My new coworkers will see me in a new light and think that I’m super hot. They couldn’t see that when I was summer Baron, but now they’ll definitely see it as my nipples get perky below zero. Just kidding, my nipples are always perky, I have good blood flow. Back to the main topic – as you’re imaging about all that fire you’re about to showoff on the runway of life, I just want to remind you that you don’t need to buy anything new, if you already have everything that you need. Of course, if you are someone who has changed in physical size, you’ve worn something down, or you simply do not have an item that would make the weather go by easier for you, then yes, you should buy it. If you’re not the above three, I’m going to suggest that you don’t.

I have a lot of coworkers who are new to Canada and have been asking me about the winter and what to buy. As I help navigate them through all the puffy coats and toques – it also scratches my itch to buy new clothes as well. I am incredibly vain and I have never met a mirror that I didn’t like, so of course I would want to buy a new North Face puffer. The issue is that I already have one of those, I also have a legit topcoat for formal cold occasions, and boots for the snow, and sweaters – so many sweaters. And chances are, you are like me – or even worse than me, cuz I’m a minimalist and don’t like to buy things. I know my readership and for the most part, you guys should be fine for winter clothes.

But I want you to think about all the money that you’re saving for all the things that you will be spending more money on in these next few months. It’s the holidays which means that you will be traveling, you will be buying gifts, and your utility bill will go up. I do not care if there are more sales going on in this time, you save the most money when you don’t spend any of it. And I understand that clothes can be a hobby for you but sometimes hobbies shouldn’t take the place of the bare necessities of life. At the end of the day, I can’t force you to not buy it. However, I as your friend, can only advise you that you don’t need it – unless you absolutely need it because if you really love it, you can rationalize anything – a lesson I learned with all the women in my life . . .

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