Yeah, I Still Love My Friends

The other week I got back with a bunch of old rugby pals that I haven’t seen in ages. It was awesome. Just being around them, reminiscing and shooting the shit. Honestly, I forgot how much fun it is to just be around people you love and have spent so much time with. There was a moment where we were all at the bar just looking up old photos on our phone, recounting how those photos happened. Talking about the dumbest shit ever that we used to do as university students all while realizing that we aren’t too far from it. Songs were sung, drinks were drank, and life was caught up on. There were multiple points of the night (because I had been drinking since the morning) where I would go “Isn’t this great? All of us back together like this. Isn’t this just the best? When are we going to get this again?” I would say this as a washed old boy who doesn’t party anymore and spends his entire day in front of an Excel spreadsheet.

As you get older you realize that you don’t get to see your friends as much anymore and that in reality, your friends are like the best part of your life (assuming you have a good bunch of them). And sometimes these are friends that you haven’t seen in months or even years – and you catch up on life, what they’ve been doing, how they’ve been doing. You talk about major life achievements or even new projects on the horizon. While talking about these things, you forget that when you were in school, you would literally listen to these things happen as they would happen because you would see your friends everyday. Now your friendship is a shadow of what it once was. It’s a little sad to think about it that way. But the fact that you’re still there and listening and interested, that doesn’t really happen if your history with your friend wasn’t already there.

Kind of a short article today. Nothing too insightful or different but I do feel like seeing my old friends again reminded me of who I used to be before I was a boring adult. It reminded me of how special our relationships were before we parted ways. I’m not sad for it not being there anymore though, I just really appreciate that we all had that connection in the first place. What do they say? Better to have loved, than to never have loved at all? Sounds like a Drake lyric. I don’t know about you, but I have some great friends, I love them, I am incredibly lucky, and I am looking forward to catching up with them again in the near future!

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