Why I’m not watching anime, sports, or playing video games anymore

By the way, since I’ve written this article. I’ve been watching anime like crazy again. But the point of this article still stands.

Do you guys remember when this blog was an anime/manga blog. I remember. I wrote about those topics because they were things that I really enjoyed. So much so that it became my personality. I would binge a series and finish it in a day if I really liked it. Man, those were the days. But as of recently, actually since I moved to Toronto, I don’t really watch anime like that anymore. I don’t even watch sports, or play video games, or do any of that stuff anymore. All the interests that I had and would be able to talk for hours about, I just don’t interact with that stuff anymore. If I’m being honest, I know it’s because I’m living life. I’m out here – touching grass.

Now, I still like those things – I just don’t like those as much as I used to. I also do feel like I may have just gotten burnt out from consuming so much media. There was definitely a part of me that kept up with all those things to maintain some kind of personality that was me. Kind of a sad thing to think about but it’s true. Sometimes, I do feel like I’m playing a character, but that’s another blog article. I also do feel like one day I will return to these interests but not today. To sum it up, those things are interests and right now, I just have so many other things to be interested in.

For instance, I think a lot about work – because I enjoy work. I enjoy what I do, going into the office, and the discussions that we have. I especially love the people at work who I don’t even refer to as friends from work or work friends – they’re just my friends now who I see outside of the office as well. So yeah, real people are definitely in a way more interesting than what I consume on screen. Another thing is food and cooking. If you know me, you know that I love to cook. I spend so much time watching recipes, finding out where to buy more unique ingredients, and then testing out the recipes. I have scared Jonny from trying my food and to be honest, it’s really his loss cuz I be cookin’. I’m also just going outdoors more and working out, and all that healthy lifestyle bs. Yeah life is good and more good things are on the way, I know it.

I think that sports, fiction, tv, whatever – they are things that I interact with my personality but not necessarily things that my personality or ego can really shape too much of. Those mediums inform us but I think that I’m looking to insert myself more into the going’s on’s of life. Being able to interact with more people, in more social settings, explore my likes and dislikes – even in my adulthood, I feel like I’m growing everyday and getting better at life in general. I’m infusing passion, personality, and interests into real tangible things. These are things that I wouldn’t get from sitting on my couch in front of the TV. It’s fun getting better. But I’m still a weab because I reread this paragraph and I made myself out to me the main character of an anime.

So anyways, that’s why I’m not really into those interests anymore. I know that I don’t need to explain myself but I do feel like sharing this perspective might be helpful for you if you feel a little stale in your day to day. Personally, I feel quite fulfilled in life and am happy with how things are going. I’m still working on the girlfriend bit, if anyone could help me with that, I would really appreciate it. Shit, I might never write on this blog again, if I had a girlfriend sized interest. That interest would probably kill all other interest because I’d be such a sub. Any who, thank you for reading. If you are feeling a bit stuck, I hope this notice of activity, inspires you to find something new in life.

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