Why I always enjoy the commute

I’m aware that I live close to my workplace, 15 minutes by bus, 25-30 minutes by walk, but I think that having a commute can be a good thing. Even short flights are great in my opinion (I’m traveling within the continent for a wedding right now). As you get older, life gets busier. You’re always supposed to be doing something that you need to do, like work or school, you’re always supposed to be going somewhere. These things are mandatory as you progress through life and, I don’t know, live? It’s stressful having to always have something going on. And I think that the idea of having a loading screen in life, as I refer to it is nice. If you’ve got family, pets, a roommate at home – you get the commute just to be alone with your thoughts. I mean, you love them but you still need you time.

Between being sleepy and getting to the office, I am forced to just sit down and think about what my day will be like and the different interactions that I will be having throughout the day. It’s like a warm up for the workday, it eases you in. And then when I leave the office and walk home, I get those 25 ish minutes to just de-stress and disassociate from work. It’s easy to fall into the trap and believe that you are just an employee or just a student – you need that time to reflect on the day, think about the chores and what you’re eating for dinner. The commute gives you the time to juts let go for a bit.

I know that not all commutes are the same, I know that it’s financially draining for some, I know that for some the areas they’re getting past on the way may not be the safest. But I hope that you have something like a loading screen for life as well.

I’m still traveling, apologies for another short article today

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