When Comparing Yourself to Others (A Short)

When comparing yourself to others, remember who you are comparing yourself to. I sometimes feel down on myself because the people I surround myself with are amazing people and I seem to think that I just don’t quite stack up, but truth be told, if you’re finding that this happens often to you, it might be a good thing. If these people are amazing and they choose to spend time with you – doesn’t that make you amazing. If these people are amazing, does that not make you amazing by having this social group. And if you’re that amazing, do you ever think that maybe they feel the same about you? In this world, we have humans that can solve complex math equations that hold the truths of our universe, humans that can make huge leaps and bounds that seem Herculean, humans that can charm men, women, snakes, birds, bees, and then there’s you, who stands in the middle of all these great people who you call your friends, your family, your coworkers, your peers, and in that sense you are in their league. You are amazing too, but it’s up to you to realize is it in you.

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