What The Hell Is Going On With Jujutsu Kaisen?

Sorry to all the normies, this one is for the weabs today. No deep reflection, I’m not your therapist. Jujutsu Kaisen . . . what the Hell is going on with that manga? It is unreadable and I have no idea what to do with it. I read the newest chapter (225) and it’s just like – what? Gege has fallen off. The manga hasn’t been good since Maki had her canon event – before Gege took their hiatus. For the past two years, I’ve been hoping for some return on investment to this horrible writing and I just can’t anymore. Everything in this manga is overexplained to the point where it’s just confusing. You can read everything and you still come out with more questions than answers.

It’s fully become the Gojo and Sukuna show, while Kenjaku waits for his turn. Did we forget who the main characters were? What is the point of Yuji or Megumi – or even introducing characters like Yuta. What is the point of giving Maki the coolest side quest ever in manga, only to have her . . . do what exactly? I don’t get it, I don’t understand how we got to this point. I don’t understand why the culling game had to happen. I don’t understand why Megum’s sister was introduced to the story. Why does Tengen exist? Like I know why he exists but what’s the point of him for the narrative. Are they ever going to touch on the significance of Panda or the American armed forces? I don’t understand how any of these cursed abilities work. They are more complicated than JoJo Part 6.

I consider the Shibuya arc to be one of the greatest arcs in shonen manga, but I can’t get over the messy slop that JJK has been for the past two years. I might actually drop this entire thing because I just don’t find it interesting or making any sense. There’s not even any charm to this series anymore. I just don’t understand the purpose of even having characters outside of Gojo, Sukuna, or Genjaku. I don’t know what the point to any of this is. Remember when they just used to fight spirits and the fights were cool? Now it’s just a dig bick swinging content to see who’s got the bigger domain.

JJK fans, this is your king? This is your shonen king that you guys wanted? This is apparently part of the dark three. Btw dark three sounds like af. Apparently this series is supposed to be better than Bleach? Bleach may have sucked at the end but at least it made sense. JJK can’t even explain its own character abilities or introduce their new characters correctly. Say what you want about MHA and Black Clover but at least those series are currently sticking their landings.

JJK, fell off+ratio.

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