What Is Height Inflation And Why You Should Be Worried

I am about 169 (nice) cm tall – for my American readers out there, that’s about 5’6″. By every metric I am considered short for a man and it’s something that I’ve grown to accept. Although in my past, I hated it and if given the chance, I would choose to be taller – I have come to peace with the fact that I’m vertically challenged. I also realize that height is superficial and something that you cannot control, so it’s not like it’s my fault that I am the way I am. There is nothing about height that says anything about your value as a person so at the end of the day – height, whether you are tall or short does not matter.

But let’s be honest here, when we are dating, making first impressions, and doing business – the optics of height are very prevalent. To be fair, I don’t care about how tall I am compared to my friends and in the age of zoom and work from home, my height isn’t a factor. The one area that height really affects me and men in general is dating. As a single Short King (remember to capitalize the ‘S’ and the ‘K’) I am worried about my prospects as a bachelor looking for love. Not because I feel inadequate but rather there’s a height inflation going on in the dating world that is heighting me out.

There is an obsession I find with women that they must have someone who is 6 feet tall. The women could be on the taller end at 5’9″ and up or even on the shorter end at 5’3″ and under – but 6 seems to be the magic number for an acceptable height for men. And due to this men want to be 6 feet as well. However, the issue is that we have too many men at around 5’10” and 5’11” lying to women about their height, claiming that they are indeed 6 feet tall. Since these women are superficial and are only told that 6 foot is desirable, they actually have little to no clue what 6 feet actually looks like. Leading to these sub 6 men to skate free in dating these women. And I just have to say, for God’s sake lady, men lie about the size of their penis, why would you trust any man who claims that they’re 6 feet tall.

But how does that affect me and what is this inflation that you’re speaking of?

What that means for us Short Kings is that it makes telling women that you’re 5’6″, harder for them to cope with. If for her 6 feet actually looks like 5’10”, than you telling her your short height makes your look even smaller. And to compete, you now have to tell her you’re 5’8″ or 5’9″, and when you do this you inflate what height is and you make it harder for the men shorter than you to get in the dating game. You’ve heard of getting priced out? Well my fellow Hot Pockets, we are getting heighted out. This is clearly a discriminatory attack against us, one of the largest visual minorities on the planet.

What you can do and conclusion

If you are not a Short King (5’9″ and above) please stop lying to women about your height. Be honest about who you are and hope for the best. Also, if a woman ever tells you that she only dates guys taller than 6 feet, let her know how discriminatory that is. You wouldn’t not date a person for the colour of their skin, something that they can’t control and has no value in their worth as a person, you shouldn’t so for height either. Also men, look at your dating profile and take your height out if you’re lying about it.

For my fair heighted friends, just remember one thing – you are not your height. It is due to your height that you had to actually develop a personality outside of how you look. You are strong, you are valued, and you are grounded (because you are closer to the Earth). With all that in mind do not, I repeat do not become Napoleons but rather be Short Kings. Don’t grow bitter, grow up (emotionally speaking of course because you can’t grow taller, you’ve tried). And whenever you see a fellow man claiming that they’re taller than they are, you make it clear that he isn’t because what he is doing is undermining your stature, which is hard to do when you’re already so short.


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