What I learned from hosting a dinner party

After months of mulling it over, cooking new recipes, and waiting for Jonny to go on vacay – I finally did it, I hosted a dinner party. I invited 11 friends to my humble Toronto shoebox to eat my food, listen to my music, and socialize. It was a lot of fun. To be honest, I think that I did a good job and I would like to think that everybody else enjoyed themselves too. Songs were sung, drinks were drunk, and nosh was noshed – it was a party. But like a grown up party where no one threw up and the neighbors didn’t call the cops. I truly am a gentleman after all. The last time I hosted a party was probably when I was living in that frat house in undergrad but instead of dinner, we had 3 kegs and we charged100 people at the door $10 a pop to get in to drink our beer. For someone who’s never been to prison, I’ve sure spoken to the cops a fair bit.

The menu consisted of appetizers such as: mussels in Thai curry, chips and guac, and some fresh baguettes (I bought them from a bakery around the corner from me). The main course was 7 lbs of braised pork butt, mashed taters, and some vinegar slaw. It was a pretty decent menu, especially considering that nearly 100% of it was homemade and quite affordable to make for a group of 12. The reception for food was generally good. No one complained about how it tasted or portion size, which could have just been them being kind to me but I’ll take the pleasantries at face value. My main concern was if we would have enough food but I think I planned well enough. I probably could have made more variety of food, or even just more mashed potatoes.

I remember when I first moved into the city, I wrote an article about feeling lonely. About how I was not only new to Toronto but was also in a new job – therefore, I just wasn’t able to be as social as I’d liked. Well now it feels like I’ve done a great job of cultivating some community around me. I won’t lie, as someone who is quite extroverted I do feel like it was easier for me than it would be for the average person but it definitely wasn’t something that happened overnight. I do believe that me being the best version of myself that I can be, helped me make friends. I’m still that same Baron, pouting about having no luck in romance, puffing his chest out when he gets a compliment about anything, barking in public because I think that I’m a dawg. I’m the same guy and it’s pretty cool that it’s lead me to finding friends who would trust me enough to come into my home and eat my food.

Anyways, I am looking forward to doing something like this again. Cooking is a lot of fun and I enjoy doing it, especially for loved ones or a loved one, you know what I’m saying? God damnit all these friends and they can’t refer me to a woman. Friggin’ useless. Y’ALL KEEP TELLING ME THAT I’M A GOOD GUY, BUT WHEN IT COMES TO INTRODUCING THIS GOOD GUY TO A GOOD GYAL, Y’ALL QUIET.

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