What I Am Thankful For

Today I thought that I would take a moment to discuss what I am thankful for. Although I don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, I think that it’s important to reflect on the good things in your life. As tough as life may be these past few years, I am always the type of person to count my blessings first. This is especially true because in my fortunate life, I find that a lot of the bad stuff exists as a byproduct of the good stuff. For instance, my Uncle Jo’s passing hit hard for me, but at the same time that is due to the positive impact that he had on my life.

I am thankful for my new job! I start on Tuesday and I will write about the hiring process because it was quite weird in itself. I was feeling like I maxed out at my old place. The job itself was getting repetitive, management treated people at my level like children, and after a year of being a top performer, I got an automated “thank you” email when I offboarded. At my new company, it’s already shaping up to be a way better experience. I am excited to meet my new coworkers and do some meaningful work. I’m looking to make an impact on the world!!

I am always grateful for family. My parents who work hard everyday and are prime role models for me in life. They are more resilient than I will ever be and I will do my best to represent them well wherever I go. I will pass down their lessons to future generations as to preserve their legacy. And when the time comes, I will return what they have given to me. My brother and I never got along much growing up. I think that we have very different philosophies in life. However it’s thanks to him that I do well with criticism. Even as he is in Hong Kong working, I appreciate that he is taking care of our grandmother. Every now and then he’ll message me to give me a life update. I appreciate that.

I am thankful for all the great manga and anime out there in the world. I love bonding with people over these mediums. Maybe I’ve let it get to the point where it’s become my personality but better that than doing drugs or fighting haha. Reading quality manga and watching exciting anime inspires me to be more creative with my work. It inspires me to: become a better writer, touch on more subjects, and open my palette for growth. As Kyojuro Rengoku would say – set your heart ablaze.

And finally, I’m thankful to you for reading this. Although this blog doesn’t get a lot of views, I find that writing about my mental health, personal problems, and opinions on art to be a great way to connect with friends who feel similarly to me. And if friends disagree they would voice their opinion too. I remember a few years a go, I was in a deep funk. I wrote about it and told my friends that I don’t need them to ask me about it, but if they read the article and they want to check in on me, just check in and see how I’m doing. A lot of friends did just that. They didn’t address the contents of the article, they were just like “Hey, you good?”. And I really am thankful for that.

Here’s to another year of pains, gains, and me stinking around to entertain!

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