We lost Kirk Cousins

As a rabid Minnesota Vikings fan I am shocked and sad about our loss of quarterback Kirk Cousins for the probable future of this season. I am absolutely gutted as things were going so well until they weren’t. This season is ruined and I no longer have anything to look forward to. If I could scoop out my healthy achilles and give it to Captain Kirk, I would do so. He is one of the finest QB’s in the league and missing him is going to be a huge loss. We truly did take him for granted. However I wanted to present a few alternative ideas besides removing my achilles.

A. Roll with Jaren Hall, the 5th round rookie. Might be awful, might be OK – pretty sure it won’t be good. I am hoping for the best out of him but he hasn’t looked great in preseason so this is worrying. We could also go with Nick Mullens, a career backup. I’m sure we can squeeze a few wins out of him but neither of these options means SB.

B. B is or Brady. Come on Tom, come over here. Him and Kirk are the same type of QB anyways. Brady to JJ, Hock, Jordan Addison, and KJ would be electric and you know it.

C. C is for Carson Wentz – SIKE. C is for Caleb Williams. We’re going to tank and go for Caleb to be our future star QB. I love you Kirk but I love the team more and I will always put the team ahead of any individual person, including myself. Caleb throwing to Jordan Addison again, will be just like old days.

Regardless, we’re screwed. I hate my life and as a Vikings fan we are cursed. We’re never allowed to have good things.

Again, sorry for the short article as I am traveling. Sorry for this article that means nothing to those who don’t like the NFL.

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