Vulnerabilities as you age

The other day, I bought lunch at the office. I went downstairs and picked up some McDick’s. I hadn’t eaten McDonald’s or fast food in quite some time. I came to this realization when I went back to my desk and realized how tired I felt. I felt like poo poo garbo. It sucked, I ended up staying at the office until 7:30 to get some things done as I had some deadlines. That’s besides the point, the main point I’m trying to make is that I felt awful eating McDonald’s which is something that I never thought would happen to me. And somehow I’m realizing now that maybe this is a flaw in growing up. Your body is just more vulnerable as you age (I say this as someone in his 20s). But it got me thinking, it’s not just your body that gets more vulnerable, rather you just realize that you have more vulnerabilities and I think that’s a part of aging that people don’t talk about enough. I could imagine my old manager Angela reading this article and going “Baron, you’re not even 30 yet” but I digress.

I think it’s quite scary realizing as you age that you’re not invincible. The amount of abuse I’ve put this husk through is more than the average person. All the drinking during my uni years, the first 24 years of my life where I looked like Jabba and the amount of football and rugby I played – my body has some mileage. But realistically, I know that I can always adjust the practical parts of my life that can accommodate for those aspects. Whether it’s eating cleaner, doing lower impact exercises, or just being more mindful with how I spend my weekends – these are very normal things to adjust. I remember my friend Callum saying that he can’t eat junk food for dinner cuz he had ice cream earlier in the day and me thinking that he was lame, but I really should have been paying more attention to my body. At one point in high school I was 218 lbs and 5’6 – not a good mix.

But going above those points as you age, you realize that there are many things about life that are a little more difficult to adjust to in order to accommodate these vulnerabilities. This feeling of a spurned McDonald’s meal just got me in my feelings because I started thinking about other things in my life that have started to hit harder as I’ve gotten older. For instance, if you’re single (me) and you’re really feeling like it among all your friends in relationship (me) and you often benchmark yourself against others (me) – that is a vulnerability that is hard to overlook. Aging parents, lack of financial literacy – all things that are just hard to adjust for. Unfortunately I can’t switch to a better diet, or spend money to fix these problems.

However the more I speak to proper adults about these issues, the more I realize that as you grow more mature, these are vulnerabilities that you end up getting over. I think that’s the difference between maturing and getting older. Honestly, I’m reading over this article and I’m realizing that I’m just yapping. The point is, you get older, you get more vulnerable to things that you don’t want to be to, but part of getting older, is hopefully maturing and realizing that all things will pass and accepting that you’re just human. In a way, yes I’m getting physically weaker but in a way, this realization is making me stronger to surpass any incoming sensitivities. Maybe my mental is actually strong af. I’m totally over my embarrassing high school years, I am totally over it.

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