Underselling how good things are

I will not lie – life is going quite well for me. I have good friends, my family seems to be doing well, I enjoy work, and in terms of general happiness – I think that I am pretty happy. I’m pursuing my hobbies, I’m in good shape, I’m trying new things – for me I am living a fulfilling life, one that I had envisioned for myself when I left my parent’s basement dungeon, around this time last year. For sure, I could be making more money but I don’t spend a lot anyways and I live within my means, so I don’t feel like I’m stretched for money. In all fairness, the only thing that money would give me is more flexibility with where I can rent in Toronto.

The reason why I write this article is because often times, friends would ask me how I’m doing. In the past, I would say “yeah, I’m alright, things could be better – can’t complain” but I think that when I say that I’m really just underselling what I’m really feeling which is either that life is going well or that life is not going well at all. I don’t talk about the negative because I’m being polite but I don’t boast about life because I am cautious of things going wrong. But as life has been good, I don’t feel like I should just pretend like things aren’t. That’s disingenuous and I don’t like to lie. I think that when life is going well, it’s good to admit it, it’s good to validate your feelings and keep yourself accountable.

Chances are, it’s not always going to be like this. Close ones one day, may no longer be close. Money may not move the way you’d like. Health is something that can fluctuate even without you knowing. It’s important to know that life is good and to appreciate those times when you’re in them. If you don’t validate your W’s when they happen, they’ll be gone and you’ll miss the good ol’ days, you may even act like they were never there in the first place. Tyler the Creator once said to enjoy right now, today.

A coworker who left my company told me that out of all of her coworkers I seemed to be one of the happy ones. I don’t know if it’s because I work with a bunch of people who are actually unhappy or because people are not presenting their happiness due to the reasons I mentioned above, but I do feel that positivity is infectious, just as negativity is. I choose to be aware of all the good things happening in my life. If you’re in my life and I am in yours, I hope that I can grant you some happiness. I want your happiness too.

Things may never be perfect but how you feel and your morale lives on a spectrum. I happen to be closer to a 7-8/10 more than I am on the former half of that spectrum. If I can keep this going by making a concentrated effort in doing so, I’m going to do that. That is fulfilling for me. I hope to continue this streak of happiness and fulfillment. And as a narcissist who believes that he is more important than he actually is, maybe I can sweep you into my momentum as well. All this yapping to say that, life is good (Future, 2019).

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