Toronto is taking a beatdown right now

The Raptors suck so bad they’re in the lottery, Leafs/Boston game 7, Jays are mid as usual, and Drake is allegedly a pedo. Torontonians, I am sorry but we are going to have to swallow this L. As Torontonians, our public transit could be better, things aren’t getting any safer, housing is well . . . and now we’re not even allowed to go shopping for groceries without feeling a pang of guilt. We’re so down bad right now. Thank goodness I like my job and my friends here, otherwise I would be cooked. The only good news is that Keith Lee, a TikToker came through and said that he liked our food. Man ain’t even qualified to judge what a good meal really is

Did I pick the worst time in the history of Toronto to move here? Maybe. Granted, life has been really good for me thus far, I feel like I’m starting to feel that self-hate Torontonian fever that everybody who lives here gets. I’m kidding – I’m still enjoying my time but you know, everybody should be a little critical of the things that they love. At least that restaurant New Ho King is thriving. Do I still think that we’re a fun city to live in? Absolutely. Summer is around the corner and we all know Toronto in the summer is amazing. However, we still are in May and even though the weather is getting better, it still isn’t amazing. Is this the year that Toronto truly falls off the map?

I haven’t even gotten to the straight up racism that you see in comments from Toronto based social media accounts, who needlessly shit on immigrants. That shit is so infuriating. Yeah, this city is taking L’s but like I said, if you love it – hopefully you are taking the right steps in trying to make this a better place for everybody, including yourself. By the way, I broke up a fight the other day on the street. It was between 2 women, one of them was pregnant. Also some eccentric flashed a few of my coworkers in front of our office the other day. BUT I DIGRESS. I am going to do my best to make sure that the people around me in my community see better days. I hope that you do the same for you and yours as well.

Just a short article today. Just wanted to get this off my chest. I hope that you’re doing well, regardless of whether you live in this city or not. If you don’t, I just want to let you know that it’s not as bad as social media and the news make it out to be.

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