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To my loyal fans. I’m sure you’ve been coming back just dying, crying, wanting to know what has happened to your favourite online publication. What happened to the best damn blog that you’ve ever encountered in your life? Well what happened was that I decided to shutdown for awhile in order to up my content game. I spend the last while tearing down the site, pouring time, money, and mental willpower into creating this new blog. You see, I’m going legit. Well as legit as I can. The blog is now actually a website, not some one page thing that you would just scroll on forever for 100+ articles. The great thing about this blog is that I have it separated in categories, tags, and pages – this makes the experience a whole lot easier for readers.

This blog will still be the same blog though. The content will remain to be the same content as it always has been – writing about weab shit, film and tv, and life in general through my eyes. I am super hyped to write and post on hopefully a weekly cadence. There are already a few articles in the chamber so that if I fall behind I wont fall back that behind. I hope that you continue to read my blog, support my content, and leave feedback when available. Because this website is new it still has a few bugs, please be patient with this blog as we are still a WIP – I’d say like 85%, with the belief that it’s 100%. Feel free to subscribe to the newsletter at the bottom of the homepage so that you can get the freshest and most updated Thoughtful Bear straight to your inbox.

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