There is too much good TV/Film

Nearly every 2 months, I find myself finishing a television series and saying to myself that it is the best television series that I’ve evert watched. This happened when I finished Ted Lasso, then I finished Succession, then I watched the new animated Spiderman, then I finished the second season of The Bear. But then I realize that I said the same thing about The Bear in its first season and I said the same thing about the first two seasons of Ted Lasso. My point is that there’s just too much good television. I remember finishing watching episode four of season two of The Bear and thinking “wow this is a perfect episode of television” and then seeing that the person who directed it was Ramy Yousef, who created Ramy – another show that I’ve written about as some of the best television that I’ve ever watched.

I remember when I was about 20 years old in an undergrad tutorial talking about how we were living in the golden age of television with programs like Game Of Thrones, The Walking Dead, and Netflix just sweeping the Golden Globes and Emmy’s. With all the different platforms out there, low key copying each other, creating good programming after good programming, as viewers we are just spoiled for choice. To be fair, I couldn’t even tell you if there is a problem with this. But I do find that I’m almost always trying to keep up with my friends. I haven’t watched Yellow Jackets, I haven’t kept up with the newest season of Barry – no, I still haven’t seen any of the Oscar nominees from like the past three years. At what point do we just get fatigued from all the choices? I think we’re getting there when considering how no one seems to be interested in watching the Marvel stuff anymore.

And I don’t know if Gen-Z is big on long form media anymore, I don’t know if they’re exclusively watching TikToks, Reels, and Shorts but I know that we give them a lot of flack for it. I think for more mature audiences who are always trying to keep up with the latest television shows, this is the same in theory. I feel like me and a lot of my friends have formed this unhealthy pace of watching television, where we’re constantly asking each other “what are you watching now?” I guess in the grand scheme of things, watching too much television isn’t a bad thing, it’s just the idea that everyone is watching the same shows, everything is good, and that if you’re not watching those shows you’re just completely out of the conversation. It’s like when I’m sitting around a group of girls and they’re talking about girl stuff and it’s going over my head. It’s almost like my identity nowadays is connected to what I watch on television.

To be honest, I don’t even know why I’m writing this article. But the point is that there’s just too much television out here and I would like for there to be less of it, or more of it – I don’t know but have you seen the perfect ending of Succession, or the perfect ending of Ted Lasso, or how the new Spiderman movie parlayed itself into a sequel, or how your favourite actors from your favourite tv shows have been doing podcasts for each episode of their already finished show. I remember watching Master of None and Atlanta and thinking about how those were some of the best shows that I had ever seen but that was years a go. OK you get me now? I’m freaking tired of keeping up with all the content, I am the easiest consumer to go after.

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