The My Hero Academia manga is on fire right now

I finally caught up on Boku No Hero Academia and let me tell you something, this finale arc is insane. Even among all the other big Shounen Jump series that are in their finale arc like Black Clover or Jujutsu Kaisen (which are also having good finale arcs) BNHA is straight GAS right now, so good. I know that the anime is kind of getting clowned like Boruto is but let me tell you something, the manga is not the anime. The anime feels like a children’s show, the manga is freaking awesome. It is currently my favourite manga to read in the SJ catalog, yes up there with One Piece, granted OP hasn’t hit it’s finale yet (OP is still fantastic though).

When I read shounen manga, what I want is something that gives me all the feels. I want the power of friendship. I want stories where the boss is actually stronger than the good guys, but the writer does a good job to assure us that the good guys always win. Why? I want hype. I want it like I need water. I need the spirit of the young boys in these manga to light a flame in me that I, an adult don’t have because I work in an office everyday. Every character in this series is having their moment to shine. Even the villains are getting their moment. If you have a fave character in this series, they are currently getting their moment. If you have a villain that you hate, you will not be hating them for much longer. That’s good writing. That’s what I want and right now My Hero is giving that to me. It’s giving me hype, hope, and adrenaline.

Dare I say, this story is peak right now. This finale is insane and I feel like no one is talking about it because we’re only talking about One Piece, the JJK anime and Attack on Titan anime. And we all thought that BNHA was supposed to be this cookie cutter battle manga just like all those before it but I’m telling you, that this finale is different. For the past 3 years as this story has been ascending to its finale, it’s showing that it is a serious story, full of amazing characters, moments, and powers of friendship. Listen, I know that the most of you reading this don’t know diddley squat about this story, but I’m telling you that if you’re new to the medium of manga, BNHA is ramping up to one of the best finales I’ve read in shounen, PERIOD.

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