The Master of None Car Scene

I am having trouble sleeping tonight, so I decided to toss on an episode of Master of None. I just picked a random episode and it just so happened to be episode 5 of season 2 The Dinner Party. This episode has perhaps one of my most favourite scenes of television ever and it is that finale scene with the lonely car ride by Dev. There is something about that scene that makes it so natural. Everything from its musical selection of Wave Hello Say Goodbye¬†by Soft Cell to the composition of the shot, makes for a really well directed scene that gets its message across to viewers and more. The expression of Dev’s face that starts as almost a pang, that eventually smolders throughout the car ride is beyond brilliant.

The scene is magnificent not due to its acting and direction but rather what the scene reveals to the viewers. While experiencing the scene, viewers relate with Dev. I believe that every person in their lives in their chase for romance has had that moment of intimacy with themselves on whether or not they are starting to develop feelings for a close friend, someone that they shouldn’t form feelings for. The tricky part of this situation is that, by just entertaining the question, you answered the question. You would never think of a person in that light if you were never interested. As the ride continues, you can see Dev analyzing the situation, probably realizing his romantic intent with Francesca, yet fully understanding that he should not possess these feelings. I feel that when one is in the situation of falling for a friend, there is always that inner fight. That fight suggests that, yes you have these feelings but you should not, after all, this person is your friend and you should not ruin that relationship.

At the end of the ride, Dev leaves the car to head back to what may be his apartment. He switches the lights on, he’ll probably go to the washroom, splash some water in his face and think “fuck”, after he sighs at himself as he makes eye contact with his reflection. He will go to bed thinking more deeply about the situation, weighing the pros and cons until he reaches the conclusion that none of this matters, this shouldn’t be happening in the first place. Like I said, this scene is not great for only its direction but also what it reveals to the viewers, and for that Master of None deserves every bit of praise it receives.

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