The Good with the Bad

My classes ended this week, essentially marking the end of my third year of undergrad, which would be an accomplishment if we lived in the seventies but when everybody’s going to post secondary, no one is going to post secondary. I’m not too excited yet because I do have exams as the last gatekeeper but fuck it, it’ll work out. So I just wanted to write about how this year played out. I had a lot of very high expectations for this year and pretty much none of them worked out. When I realized that they did not work out, I was pretty upset and moody and I think my maturity and level headiness took a step back. I was tilted for a huge duration of my time at school and it was just not good at all. On the bright side, it’s over, and I’m glad it happened to me and not someone else because I can handle being shit on pretty well, others cannot. So here’s to my first semester being the worst semester for me in terms of grades, here’s to me not achieving my goals in my extracurricular activities, and here’s to all the woman who said “I have a boyfriend,” when they clearly didn’t because I’m great at online stalking. OK over and done with that, let’s get to the happy stuff.

Honestly, when I pull my head out of the metaphorical toilet, it’s not awful. Although many people are consistently shitty, on the other end of that, many people are consistently good. All my profs this second semester were amazing. Highly motivated individuals who loved what they taught, have experience in their field, and genuinely enjoyed teaching. I had a prof start tearing up on the last day because she said that we were one of the best classes she has ever taught. I had another prof show up to class one day, sicker than a motherfucker, just to hand out some tests and receive some papers. Both examples of great profs who make my day better even though I hate school. I had a group project this year where I didn’t feel like killing any of my group members. In fact, we’re all friends and our presentation was 🔥 and we’re still friends (Just learned how to put emojis in these blogs 🙌). Everyone goes home and complains to their roommates about their group project members like they are complaining about coworkers but mine were great! Shout out to David, Holly, Nicole, and Jasmine, keep it up fam! Also to one last person, who was just great this year. . . you Baron! Life enjoys shitting on your chest but man you just wear that shit like an “S”, you let it stink and once you had enough you just wiped it off your chest. Baron you a real one this year. It wasn’t easy for your mental, your ego, and your heart, but my dude, you pulled through and I’m very proud. Plus I think you’re slowly getting your edge back from when you were younger. Not going to shout out my roommates though, fuck those guys, bunch of dinguses.
What you can learn from me is that their is always some good with the bad, you just have to think hard enough, actually that is not a good argument. If you think hard enough about anything you can also make yourself cry. Actually don’t think hard. If you think too hard you’ll be like me writing this at 3:15 am. I understand that it’s hard to write things like “cheer up pal” and “it gets better” but hey man, sometimes you just have to keep saying these things to try and convince yourself. I think I’ve developed a sense to just hope for the best in shitty times. I hate when privileged ass white folk tell me to cheer up while I stare in the face of systematic oppression everyday but you gotta realize, sometimes these white folk only mean well.
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  1. I mean it's not every day you are named top 3 funniest people at McMaster. Keep your chin up big guy.- A concerned white male

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