The Girl who Owns the World

She’s the brightest presence in any room
My attraction to her is like the Earth and the Moon
As the tides pull closer, the storm surges on
As my heart grows fonder of her phenomenon
I’m put in a daze at her glimmer and warm rays
Thinking of how together we could share better days
And the stars and sky and the marvels of nature are jealous of her
For her beauty is so radiant it fills them with jealous fervor
When she walks she doesn’t stomp her steps are light and tender
But many from far and wide have heard of her many wonders
From her effort to her compassion, are just a few to name at the least
Not to mention her appearance as a beauty with the strength of the beast
And perhaps I never did bring this to her attention
But maybe one day I will, maybe one day she’ll listen

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