The First Two Episodes of Riverdale

I just got off a 15 hour plane ride in which the first six episodes of Riverdale were available for stream. I have heard from friends that Riverdale is a great show so I gave it a try. Let’s just say I couldn’t get past the first two episodes because the show is pretty garbage. What I write is based purely off two episodes so keep that in mind. I am totally fine with eating my words if this show becomes great in later episodes.
Firstly, this show needs to figure out whether it’s a teen drama or a mystery thriller. It’s spreading itself too thin. What does Archie’s conflict of wanting to play music have to do with solving a homicide case? Maybe show runners have a plan to tie it up all together but for now it’s nonsense.
Secondly, relatable characters are few and far between. Archie appears like a character out of a fan fiction. He’s handsome, good at sports, but would rather play music which is something he is naturally talented at. He’s also conflicted with himself? It’s not very relatable. Betty is also perfect but has a lot of self esteem problems. It just seems like a bunch of privileged white kids who have everything going well for them, making their own problems.
Veronica the socially different one of the main cast seems to be the only realistic character. I’m also in love with her and Cheryl. But on the real, Veronica could be the lead of the show by herself.
Fourth, man this acting is so wooden. Jughead is so wooden, Archie is so wooden, Betty is so wooden. The acting on a whole just kinda sucks.
And lastly, the consistency of tones throughout the episodes are so uneven. They go between intense to casual to sensual so fast. Just figure out the pacing please.
And again, I’ll gladly eat my words if people are telling me that it gets better. I am a big of Suite Life and Veronica so there is some reason for me to want to watch this again.

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