The Curse Of My Handsomeness

I honestly think that if I were less handsome like some of you, my life would just be so much easier. Since I’ve gotten hot, it’s like I have to keep up this regiment of sexification and a proper diet to stay pretty. This pressure to stay handsome is honestly the toughest challenge that I’ve ever had to go through. If I were you, I would probably count my blessings, knowing that being average or less than average is so easy to maintain. I would never have to workout or count calories. I would never have to make sure my phone is always charged just because women (and some men) are always blowing up my phone. I can’t even use Tinder because my account has been reported so many times as a bot. People can’t even imagine that someone who looks like me is even on the app or that I would even like them back. Hey, just because I’m a 10 doesn’t mean that I have to be with another 10. I don’t mind dating down – maybe like a 9, even an 8.

But the worst part of being so attractive is that I feel like I let people down. A lot of people are insecure when they see my pictures online, only to see me in reality and notice that I’m even more attractive in person. I really feel for that crowd. And let’s talk about facemasks during the pandemic. I personally have so much anxiety when I wear a facemask because I feel guilty that I have to hide my face from the people who want to see me. But circling back, I do feel some relief knowing that I’m not making folks feel insecure about my good looks.

It is also impossible to wear clothes. Everything looks so good on me. I just can’t make my mind up when I get dressed. Due to that I often find myself being late for work or for hangouts. And because of how good I look in clothes, there is even more pressure to always wear something new because other perceive me to be a fashion icon. Wherever I go, people are watching me. For them, it feels like they’re watching a model walk down a runway. I take people to fashion week in Paris. For me, I feel like the lone lion, with the fluffiest mane, being watched at the zoo behind prison bars by a bunch of average looking people.

Being a working professional as well, sometimes I can’t tell if someone is being nice to me because of my face or because they genuinely like me. For once, I would love for someone to see me for me.  As Jesse McCartney would say I want someone to love me for my beautiful soul. Sometimes I even donate money when they ask me for it at the grocery store and I don’t even take the sticker saying that I donated. I promise you that I’m a good guy – I am really sweet. After all, beauty is only skin deep.

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