That Time I Sent a Text to a Girl I Shouldn’t Have

So a few years back there was this woman I had on Snapchat. This woman posted a Snapchat story of her just looking so fine. This woman, let’s call her “M”, she and I shared a close mutual friend named Taylor. I saw that selfie and I texted Taylor something like “Yo did you see M’s Snapchat story? Girl is fine“. About 10 minutes passed and I’m thinking, why isn’t Taylor replying. She’s usually pretty quick when I’m sending her these dumb/funny texts. Another two minutes pass and suddenly I get a hunch. I stand there in silence for about 10 seconds and say an obscenity under my breath.

I reached for my phone, check my texts and it turns out that I didn’t even send that text to Taylor, I sent it to M. In this moment I felt my stomach do jumping jacks – what in the world did I just do. I just blew it. “Baron you whiffed it man, Baron you suck man.” I said in my head.

I call Taylor I’m like “Bro.”
She’s like “What’s up?”
I take a screenshot of the conversation and send it to Taylor
She’s like “Bro.”
I’m like “Yup…”

I’m sweating because I thought that I just made a fool of myself. Remember, I’m Thoughtful freaking Bear – I’m cool like the other side of the pillow, how does this happen to me. I wanted to shoot my shot with M, but not like this. So I leaned into and I shot my shot. I fully admitted to my mistake and then asked her if she wanted to hangout. Then she was like “No, I have a boyfriend.” To which I was like “Yeah sounds about right.” Some time passes and I ask Taylor, “So who’s the guy that M is seeing?” Turns out that the guy is a professional hockey player. If I lose out to another guy, the other guy being a pro athlete is pretty cool.

Regardless, the lesson of the story is that sometimes if you fail or make a mistake, you just have to look for the light. Yeah this situation was a little unfortunate but it’s a funny story that I tell people all the time. And because I keep having these kinds of experiences with women, there isn’t very much I can do that will embarrass me anymore.

If you want more stories of me failing upwards with women – let me know, I’m sure there’s a lesson in all of them.

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