Ted Lasso Season 2 Thoughts

Unless you have been living under a rock you should have at the very least heard of Ted Lasso. You’ve probably heard of how fantastic of a series it is and how it’s the show of the year. But for those in the know, you would also have heard or maybe even believe it yourself, that season 2 has been a little more disappointing. Although I understand that gripe, I wanted to justify why this past season was actually much needed for the series. Beware there are some spoilers ahead so watch out.

A core theme of season 1 was on building culture. Building culture is probably the hardest thing to do for a team. You’re talking about making individuals believe in the team, you’re talking about giving people hope when they’re down, and you’re talking about making them play for something other than themselves. Building culture is tough. It’s tough in sports, in the professional workplace, and even in family. However, something that is even tougher than building culture is preserving it, which was very much the theme of season 2. Now that Ted has helped cement a strong culture of inclusion, hard work, and trust on the team – how is he going to maintain it? How are you supposed to maintain culture when: you’re still losing, the different leaders on your team are growing independent from you as their leader, and outside variables are looking to cut into your culture in order to benefit themselves? Building culture is hard, but once it’s established – you pay rent for it everyday. Jamie and Sam are paying for it, Nate on the other hand…well.

Nate…oh Nate. Fans loved to hate Nate this season. Nate ruined season 2, some fans would say. Can we as fans really fault Nate for pinning his daddy issues on Ted? Nate made season 2 possible. Were you really expecting season 2 to be the same as season 1? Did you want that? You’re just going to get bored. You need a little friction to keep things spicy. It’s because of Nate that season 3 is looking to shape up quite nicely. AFC Richmond promotes and plays against a definite rival team in West Ham, therefore creating a storyline and for a future (potential) redemption story for Nate.

Overall, I think that Ted Lasso season 2 is a great transition to the third season. I think that this past season is going to be considered as a season that is going to build towards the next season being the because one yet. We’re talking about playing in the Premiere League again, we’re talking about maybe competing for another Champion’s League Cup, and maybe even a little more romance between our leads. If you disliked this season of Ted Lasso, let me know. Sure there are always going to be somethings wrong but I’d love to see what you guys have got to say.

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  1. I’m really enjoying the show, I haven’t yet finished season 2, (spoilers are okay for me <3) but enjoying every episode so far!

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