I Still Love One Piece

Recently, I went to see One Piece Film Red with my friend Shirley. To be honest, I feel a strong 6/10 on the film – it wasn’t the best OP movie I’ve seen but there was a lot about it that was entertaining and the performances were good enough. Plus we got to see a …

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NARUTO, BLEACH, AND ONE PIECE – THE BIG 3 IS BACK BITCHES. For the uncultured heathens reading this, the 3 biggest manga/anime series of the 00’s have recently spiked in popularity with One Piece still peaking after 25 years and the new film coming out, the final season of Bleach being animated and aired this …

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Why I Love Baekhyun

Back in the Fall of 2019, I started listening to Baekhyun. He is a member of the ever popular kpop group EXO and I never really got into his music but was a fan of his group’s sound. One day, his solo song UN Village was recommended in my YouTube page and I thought, hey …

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