Mental Health

I am a loser

It’s currently 1:49 am, March 14, 2023. I have been unemployed for 5 days and I hate my life. I made a somewhat big deal of me leaving my job – I wrote about it in a past blog but I am stressed out of my mind. If you’re my friend you would know that …

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How I Love Men

As today is the last day of men’s health month, I decided to write one more article revolving around the topic. This article will be about how I love men and how I think that you might also want to love men. “But Baron that sounds a little weird.” OK slow your role. I’m not …

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Sometimes, Things Just End

I think the hardest pill to swallow as you grow up is that you realize that good things will end without you ever see it coming. Whether that be relationships with people, periods of your life, passions that you’ve developed – sometimes things will end abruptly without warning. And when that thing kept you happy, …

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