5 Anime For Avatar Lovers

Recently, as Avatar (of The Last Airbender variety) has been promoted on Netflix, there seem to have been a major influx of new Avatar fans. I really enjoy TLAB and TLOK and believe that they are great stories to learn from as a youth growing up, as well as just super entertaining. But remember, Avatar …

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Today, the newest and last episode of Naruto Shippuden aired. Culminating into the end of a beloved anime series that had started being aired in 2002 with over 700 episodes, and multiple films. Although the manga ended in 2014, the ending of the anime series is really cutting me up inside. This ending is a …

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As a massive fan of the shounen genre, I have watched and read many different series in my lifetime. But as a person that has competed in sports at various levels, I tend to love sports series more than any other series that is based around action packed fights or the more tame school life/slice …