Why Post So Much?

Today marks the 30th article in Blogtober, the penultimate article before we close out in the month of October. That means that I have poured thousands of words, a bevy of thoughts, and have made a butt ton of shitty graphics for this blog. That’s a lot of content for one man who doesn’t make …

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Right Of Way Is Wrong

I absolutely hate that in Canada and a lot of the world, that pedestrians have the right of way. I get that maybe I’m the controversial one with this hot take but I think that the argument for cars having the right of way should be way stronger than the argument in favour of pedestrians. …

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Sometimes, Things Just End

I think the hardest pill to swallow as you grow up is that you realize that good things will end without you ever see it coming. Whether that be relationships with people, periods of your life, passions that you’ve developed – sometimes things will end abruptly without warning. And when that thing kept you happy, …

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