It’s Asian Month…?

For those not in the know, which is probably most of you – it’s AAPI Month (Asian American Pacific Islander Month) which celebrates those of the Asian and Pacific Islander persuasion in America – and I’ll also say Canada as well because we are pretty much America’s little brother. The only reason that I ever …

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How Ramy Ruined Me

These past few months, I had watched comedian Ramy Yousef promote his show Ramy on Hot Ones and Conan’s podcast. On both programs, he proved to be incredibly likeable and someone who I thought was very relatable. And when considering how my favourite comedian Conan O’Brien did nothing but say good things about Ramy, I …

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Right Of Way Is Wrong

I absolutely hate that in Canada and a lot of the world, that pedestrians have the right of way. I get that maybe I’m the controversial one with this hot take but I think that the argument for cars having the right of way should be way stronger than the argument in favour of pedestrians. …

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