South Korea Is The New Hong Kong

This article isn’t me trying to take anything away from South Korea or Hong Kong, rather it is an appreciation of the two small Asian entities who have been able to flourish on the international stage, despite their limitations. The two places have crazy similarities, including but not limited to: it’s lack of natural resources …

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Why I Love Twice

In these tough and unsettling times, it is easy to just slip into the cracks and feel as if there is no hope. But I want to believe, I have to believe. I have to believe that things will get better. But as a person who has totally fallen in love with the Korean girl …

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Why I Love BTS

Every summer I obsess over some sort of art. Last summer it was Hamilton: An American Musical, the one before that was Cowboy Bebop, and the one before that was watching 120 minute scrum compilations. This summer I am really into Korean Pop band BTS. In all honesty, I am pretty new to this fandom (the …

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