Famous Chinese People Suck

I’m a homer. I will and always root for Hong Kong, the city that made me. I’m loyal to the soil and that’s how I will always be. Slowly over the past decade, the city has been losing its identity. It’s no longer the international cultural hub that it once was. A lot of this …

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Why I Love Baekhyun

Back in the Fall of 2019, I started listening to Baekhyun. He is a member of the ever popular kpop group EXO and I never really got into his music but was a fan of his group’s sound. One day, his solo song UN Village was recommended in my YouTube page and I thought, hey …

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South Korea Is The New Hong Kong

This article isn’t me trying to take anything away from South Korea or Hong Kong, rather it is an appreciation of the two small Asian entities who have been able to flourish on the international stage, despite their limitations. The two places have crazy similarities, including but not limited to: it’s lack of natural resources …

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