Stop Telling Me That Kirk Cousins Is Bad

This is an NFL post. This means that if you don’t watch the NFL or have no idea about American football, this article will mean nothing to you. This is a blog article about one man defending another man who does nothing for him. This is an article about me defending a Covid denier and a person that believes in God a little too much. This is me defending a rich white man – which we in society have deemed to be the devils of the world. This is me pleading my case for Kirk Cousins – (my) quarterback of the Minnesota Vikings football team in the National Football League. The man that I think of more than my father (don’t tell my father).

I have mentioned in a previous article that I am a ride or die Minnesota Vikings fan. I love the team with all my heart, yet all they do is break my heart and disappoint me. My friends, knowing this are always trying to punk me in trying to tell me that Kirk Cousins is a bad quarterback and is overpaid. When in reality Kirk is hardly among the top 10 highest paid QB’s in the league and his numbers are reflective of the amount of money that he makes. I would much rather pay Kirk the way he is paid now, with the results he gets – than to pay Kyler and Russ with their salaries and production. And chances are, unless you root for a Superbowl contender, your QB is not better than Kirk Cousins. Say all you want about his primetime record, I do not care. Football is a team game and if he plays poorly, we can also chalk it up to the fact that maybe the Vikings are a cursed franchise, which is something that we all already know. Just keep reading headlines and sucking on the teat of the jabroni’s in the media without watching him play.

Yeah Kirk is a dork, yeah Kirk won’t get vaccinated because of his stupid God book, yeah the man has no swag, you’re right he’s not elite, he’s not very athletic either, maybe Justin Jefferson could be utilized by a better QB, and yeah he’s Kirk Cousins. But you know what Kirk does? Kirk shows up. The guy doesn’t miss games. When he’s the QB – you never go into a game thinking that it’s an automatic L and he’s better than at least half the starting QB’s in the league. The guy is the easiest 7/10 in the history of 7/10’s. When he plays well, the guy can even be an 8 sometimes. Yes he’s a special man in my life and I do find myself defending him more than anyone in the world but I will never claim that he’s anything that he’s not. I will never claim that he’s the MVP because he never will be and that’s fine. Even when he is going to disappoint me this season, I will still defend him because, that’s my QB – and he’s probably better than your QB.

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