Stop calling me Daddy

On most days of the week, I wake up at around 6am to go to the gym. I try not to check my phone as I get my workout in with focus and vigor. It’s become my morning ritual to get my day started in the gym, culminating with a shower before I head home to get ready for the day of work ahead. I always notice people smiling and staring at me on the way home after my gym session. I usually keep my headphones on as I don’t want to interact with every eccentric personality in the city and I want to go on with my day. The issue arose the other day when I was heading home from the gym and my headphones fell out. I finally heard what these strangers were saying to me “Daddy, daddy, dadddyyyyyy” I didn’t realize this but they were calling me daddy and now I’ve noticed like a breaking of floodgates, everyone seems to like calling me daddy.

Now I went on Urban Dictionary to pull out the official unofficial definition of the word.

A name used for a significant other, ****, and/or hot guy. During sex, a girl may scream out “Daddy!” when he’s beating the pussy up.

Urban Dictionary

Now I am not a significant other, or a ****, and I don’t have sex – for obvious reasons. I definitely do not physically assault felines. But I may be a hot guy. I see why that people are yelling daddy at me. It makes perfect sense that I would be cat called. I’m 5’6″ which I’m told is very trendy for men, I’m Asian, which I’m told is a fetish, and I don’t shampoo my hair everyday which women have commended me on. I get that I look a way that is heavily desired in the world. Some would say that women want to be me and men want to be with me. With that being said, please do not address me as your father. If anything, I am closer to a mother figure – a mommy if you will.

If I were a mommy, which I am not – but for the sake of this article, I would be in line with a tradwife. I cook, I clean, and I’m a good listener. By the way, as a feminist – I support women whether or not they want to be traditional, just don’t yell at me or be mean to me and I won’t care. I’ve been told that for a man, I would make an attractive women given my what is considered slim thicc body proportions. There have been times when taller male friends have described that they would like a girlfriend closer to my height. See, didn’t I tell you that being 5’6 is trendy for men?

Anyways, the truth is I don’t want to be called mommy either. I just want to be Baron. I happen to be pretty good at that and I’ve been told that I’m unique, one of a kind, and different – all words that mean the same thing, therefore I am at the very least, consistent – just like these blog articles that get released every week on Wednesday. Please subscribe when you get the chance 😀

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