Starting School (Again)

I am starting school again, for hopefully the final time. I can’t sleep but that’s not because of anxiety or any nervousness but literally because I am so excited to start something new. I’m in a graduate program – not a masters or PhD or anything serious like that but still something more than my undergrad. I’m really looking forward to tacking on some extra letters at the end of my name and for all the new things I will be learning. I’m excited to make new friends, to have new opportunities, and all the great things that come out of fresh beginnings. I can feel my heart pounding right now. It’s almost the same feeling I got when I was an athlete. The feeling that I got the sleep before a game. This is so weird. I used to hate school – I used to want to get out asap. I think what I realized was that every time I go to school or learn something new – I become a better person. I am not saying that I’m “changing” or anything like that, but I do think that education helps reveal more of who I am. I think that things like: money, power, love, and drugs – have the same effect on people. With the more I learn, I become more whole and when I figure myself out more and finally get that highly vaunted job – perhaps I will become more fulfilled in my life. So here’s to another year of putting adulthood on hold. No rush, no fuss, just ride the wave, and enjoy the process. You have the rest of your life to be an adult.

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