Sports are back and I’m living my best life

Last Sunday, I woke up and I watched F1, then I watched Premier League matches, while super setting a Rugby World Cup game, then once 1 pm hit I started watching NFL games. I love sports. All of you readers know by now that I love sports, that I have dedicated so much of my life to it as a fan and as a participant and I know that one of these days I will burn out from it. I think that the reason why I love sports so much is because for me, sports are the closest thing to real life movies. Yes the new J.J. Abram film is fantastic and I’m sure Barbie was a cultural landmark that will stand the test of time, but Wayne Gretzky being so good at hockey that no one in the sport at any level wears his number – 99 in respect to him being the GOAT is just as crazy of a story.

It’s gotten to the point that when I go back to work and people ask “how was your weekend?” I just present them a minute blurb on all the sports I watched and why I’m bummed because the Minnesota Vikings suck. Here’s another thing, sports fans are loyal to a fault. Here are the athletes and teams I root for: Minnesota Vikings, Chelsea FC, Toronto Raptors, Daniel Ricciardo, Toronto Arrows, and any Canadian national team. All of them suck, they’re all losers right now. I don’t know if this is a good thing or a bad thing that I am that freaking dumb and am willing to spend so much of my time that I will never get back, in order to watch something that I have no control over, disappoint me. And I’m sure if you’re someone who is not into sports, you might look at your friends, SO’s, parents who do love sports and think “that’s weird.” But you know what’s weird? Having to yuck someone’s yum.

Yes, I yell at the TV, yes I’ve gotten into sports arguments with people irl and online, yes I’ve used my losing teams as an excuse to blame my lapses in mental health. Do you think that I’m going to stop doing these things? Absolutely not. And if you’re a sports fan – someone who will spend hours on the couch, watching two teams you don’t care for, after watching your team get blown out at the earlier timeslot – then you get me. We’re the same people and we’re cut from the same cloth. You are reading this right now and we’re speaking the language. But if you’re not a sports fan, then you don’t know and you’ll never know. And to be frank, I feel kind of bad for you because whatever you stan it’s not remotely the same as what we sports fans cheer for. It’s in the game.

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