You’re the easiest yes I will ever give out
You can make me jump through hoops without any doubt
To only say that you’re brilliant would be such a waste
As brilliant does not even touch you or your grace
Rather you’re magnificent- entrancing- no maleficent- no wait!
I just can’t find the word for you in this place
Because if you are one, then you are not the other
Rather you are all good things and bad put into one
 All the words you can find under the sun
I’m at a loss for words, you’ve cornered me speechless
You’ve simply made me out to be defeated
Spiritually hung out to dry – toss me like laundry
Put me to sleep and tucked me in strongly
Forcing your thought into my head
As I try to lay asleep in my own bed
Trying to drift away into the night
Without having your presence giving my conscience a fight
But alas, you win as you always do
And tomorrow I will get up with this same point of view.

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