Sometimes, Things Just End

I think the hardest pill to swallow as you grow up is that you realize that good things will end without you ever see it coming. Whether that be relationships with people, periods of your life, passions that you’ve developed – sometimes things will end abruptly without warning. And when that thing kept you happy, you’ll find that you’ll always try to reason with yourself and barter to get it back. What if I had this conversation with this person, what if I changed this about my life, what if I did it differently next time? And you’ll negotiate these situations in your head until you figure out what exactly it is that you can do – that is until you realize that you can’t do anything. That thing has run its course. The person passes, you’ve missed the window, or something else has come along the way to stop you. Just as it could be your fault, it might have nothing to do with you and you learn that timing is everything.

What do they say? When one door closes, another one opens? When one door closes, you can open more than one door. You could even try the spinny doors at nice business buildings and hotels. Those ones scare me though and I’ll only go in by myself. I’m always afraid of losing my fingers. Anyways, you can chase more opportunities, taking what you learned in the past and applying it to the future. Life in limbo can be fun. You move on from one thing to another, learning more about yourself – as you look for that old familiar feeling, but this time an improved one. I don’t believe in peaking in life. I believe that sometimes you’re happier doing one thing over another, but that doesn’t mean the fun that you had in the past, can’t be the fun that you can’t discover in the future.

It’s hard to move on from how things were. It’s a process to change what’s become comfortable and routine but sometimes it’s just what you need. You’re not going to grow and evolve otherwise. Certain parts of your life ending, doesn’t mean that things will end for you. It just means that there’s more to your life than what you had anticipated. So yeah, be sad. Be sad today, be sad tomorrow, and maybe even be sad next week. But when you’re done being sad, be excited for what’s next. Just like one of those fancy hotel doors when you spin them real hard – we’re just going to keep it moving. And we’re not going to move on because we have to, we should move on because we want to.

But even so, I can say all of this – I will still keep that last door open, even if its just a crack.

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