Single (Again) for Valentines Day

For the 23rd straight year of my life I am single on Valentines Day. Perhaps in the past four years of my life, I would feel rather sad about it. Especially with living with roommates and being a young adult, it is all around us. I mean, your friends will literally dump all their social commitments that day in order to spend that day (or night) with their SO (i.e. not you). In those moments, I feel insignificant, lesser, lonely – or most likely the combination of all three but today I do not. I am not here to criticize this commercial holiday because love is really awesome, so why not let others celebrate it today. It allows for people to confide in someone else, to live for a purpose that isn’t all selfish. Colours like pink and red are good shades on me because I look like that when I start drinking and as a burly man, I like chocolate too.

But most importantly, I have learned that in my jaded past of being sad on V-Day, that being sad about being lonely isn’t really a reason to be sad. Not loving yourself, to the point where you feel like you need someone else to make your life bearable or better is though. I like myself – a lot. I don’t consider my flaws to be the bad parts about me, rather they are parts of me that I should improve on, which I believe gives me more value, which gives me more reason to care about myself. Being single has never been about me or the other person, rather me being single has more to do with timing and place. Sometimes you are ready for a relationship but the other person is not. Or rather, you are not ready, but the other person is. But if your timing is good and your place is good – then you will hopefully, if you truly feel it is time, you will get the opportunity that you want.

So if you are single this Valentines Day and you are sad about it, then please reevaluate your value to yourself, take the time to look within you and not to others. Remember to love yourself.

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