Right Place, Right Time

Come April 17th, I will have graduated from my third program in three years. In reality, this only means that I have spent a lot of time at school, that I have a lot of debt, and that I still can’t find a job – but I digress. And in these three years I have done a lot. I have been able to hold onto a lot of great friendships, start new friendships, and even say bye to a few friends who I won’t be seeing in time.

When I consider the network of friends that I’ve built over the years, I realize that I am really incredibly lucky to be where I am. And it’s strange that even with the different schools that I go to, the different programs I’m in, the different housemates I get – for some reason I just seem to (for the most part) have incredible luck at always meeting the right people. Not to say that I like and make friends with everybody that I meet, just that wherever I go, I will always be able to meet someone really great that I vibe well with.

I’m never really the type to gloat about how hard working I am or how proud I am of the work that I do – I really just think that I got lucky. I got lucky being born to my parents, being born in Hong Kong and immigrating to Canada, and having the experiences that lead to who I am. I am fully aware of how competent I am as a person, but I really do believe that I am a product of all the people in my life who have inspired me in some way. This sounds mushy and romantic in a sense and I feel like I write about these things a lot, but considering how the school year got cut short this year – it really makes me think about how fortunate I am to be sad about missing school.

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