Remember the good ol’ days?

The thumbnail quote is from The Office. It’s quite a popular quote and something that I think about often. Not neccesarily because I’m sad or mournful of the past but because I find that I’m hearing a lot of my friends say it from all the different friends groups that I have. All of my friends are young adults, mostly under 30. They’ve had lives before becoming professionals in the workplace and are often reminiscing of the days when we were a lot younger and had a lot more time. But more so the times when we were in school and our childhood friends were abundant. For myself, being a former student athlete with truly wonderful experiences as a student, as well as a traveler – it’s something that I always stay mindful of.

However even when I was 15 years old I remember when my Canadian high school football team went down to the states to play a game in America – the home of football. We were all jittery to be playing Friday Night Lights in a big American high school football stadium. Our head coach gave a speech before the game talking about how it doesn’t matter if we win or lose this game because at the end of the day you will have memories. Football may have been my first love. I poured everything that I could into playing that sport, for my high school, for my seniors – I loved it more than most people loved anything. That’s when I learned that passion was something that existed in my life. I was aware that my days were numbered as a football player as I only had a few more years of playing high school football left until I graduated and never played again. I would often take snapshots in my head of the guys, the bus rides, the moments in games and practices because I knew that I would never have it again. By the way, I am a well adjusted adult – I just look back fondly of many things because I am a romantic person.

I was lucky to have that foresight as I would always have to remind myself to remember and hold onto the feeling. Whether that came to life outside of sports, my continued athletic career in university, or just spending time with my friends who I would no longer be living so close to – it was very important for me to hold onto every moment, I never forget the people, the moments, or the feelings. I am grateful for that high school football coach to this day, as there are many times when I walk home from work and just reflect on how much I enjoy working where I do, with the people I work with. There are days that are tougher than others, but I know that cumulatively I am still very much in the good days and because I’m aware of this, I will do all I can to continue these days, even as slowly as I take them.

I believe a lot of people say that this is what “being present” is and I choose to enjoy right now, today. I know that this all sounds like some real self help culty stuff but I mean it and I say it with my chest, even if at times I can seem like too much of an idealist. That is how I have chosen to live my life and I am very happy to live in this lane. I don’t take L’s, everyday is a moment to contribute to the good days that will come by. And even when it doesn’t feel OK all the time, I can bounce back and look forward to that next opportunity. The good days have gone, they’ve arrived, and yet more are on the horizon.

OK I’m done, you guys can hold back your throw up from all this hyper positive up talk.

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