Power Through Insecurities

Insecurity is a web that traps people. The slightest self doubt you may have has the weight to totally cut away at you from the inside, leaving you to feel insignificant and small. But, insecurity in my mind, is a good thing. Insecurity is what breeds competitiveness and self improvement. If I was not insecure of myself, I would not challenge myself as much as I do. I wouldn’t consider dressing better to cover up any insecure flaws I may have with my body. I wouldn’t try to get in better shape so that I can look better in front of women. If I was not insecure, I would not have started playing sports, playing the guitar, or developing my sense of humor.

And along the way, I learned to love myself for these new traits. Being funny and being able to speak to a crowd is something that people are envious of. My sense of style, is something that others (usually men) are asking me advice for. Suddenly, I appear to be the one with all the answers. What I am saying is that, your insecurities that lead you into comparing yourself to others, may also be the drive that makes you unique. It’s what makes you competent, and what makes other people look up to you. Do not consider your insecurities as a burden, rather look at them as a challenge in an effort to help you grow and become a better person. Your insecurities aren’t red alarms, they are reminders and nudges that you can change for the better. And once you understand that, the traits that you have developed are traits that others are envious of and rely on you for.

If you are rather down in the dumps due to insecurities, you are fine. Those insecurities don’t make you who you are – how you deal with them do though. And how you deal with them will determine how you see yourself therefore translating to how others see you. If you are someone who is conscious of that, how amazing is it to know that you are in control. And that is more than enough reason to give it your all and love yourself. Remember, that you are not the burden, sometimes you just carry it – now carry it somewhere that you want to go.

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