One Year Anniversary in Toronto

July 1, 2024 marks my one year anniversary of living in Toronto. Woooo claps for your boy. To be fair, yes I’ve only lived here for one year but I’ve been in and around Toronto for most of my life, so the transition to actually living here full time isn’t the biggest stretch in the world. But I do feel like one year in a city such as this is something worth noting. So In this article, I just thought that I’d share a few thoughts on my one year here, living downtown, and how things have been. As well as what has transpired, what I expected and so much more.

I know that for me to move out of London, ON to Toronto isn’t the biggest move ever. I do have plenty of coworkers who have uprooted their lives in their home countries to be here but still I think that for someone like me who had no big aspirations when I was younger, this is pretty cool to me. I still haven’t felt the Toronto fatigue, the one where locals will talk down on pretty much every thing that is going on in this city. I get that it’s far from perfect but I still very much enjoy being here. Yeah I pay more for things here than I would in London or Hamilton, but the way I see it is that I pay extra for the convenience and the fun of living in a big city.

Realistically though, I don’t need everything. I like having so many amenities around me but it’s not like they make my life drastically better. I think I learned that it isn’t the city itself that I like, it’s the people. Like I could live in the middle of no where and still do pretty alright as long as I have my friends around me. I felt this a lot when I moved in last year as I had like no friends in the city and the ones that I did have lived pretty far (Toronto is an hour away from Toronto). I realized that although it’s fun to explore and visit new places, it’s really friendship that keeps me happy in life.

Speaking of though, I have made a ton of friends in the time that I’ve been here. Whether it’s through work, hobbies, or friends of friends – life has been pretty great. I never really feel like I can have too many friends so this part of the move has been a welcoming change. I do understand why adults tend to have a hard time making friends as people are no longer in school and have their own personal business to deal with. But as someone who is outwardly very vulnerable to strangers and is constantly saying yes to everything, even things that I don’t want to do – I think that helps in companionship. I’ve had new friends at my apartment, I’ve been to their apartments, I’ve met significant others, went to birthday parties – I’m living a socially fulfilling life.

Now it’s only been a year and I don’t know how much longer it will be until I move, but I’m really enjoying life right now. Not that everything has gone to plan but a lot of things that were unplanned happened for the best. So I can’t help but feel that things are going to get better. I’m going to do my best to keep growing, learning, and taking on more challenges – that’s not just a Toronto thing, that’s a life thing. Hopefully this time next year, I’ll be writing about something that I’ve never done before but had recently accomplished. Maybe I’ll finally play for the Raptors.

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