My Love Letter to Haikyuu #ThankYouHaikyuu

So it’s almost 2 am and I finished reading the last chapter like half an hour a go and I’m in bed typing this on my phone and just wanted to get some thoughts out. I didn’t want to write this in the day, I wanted to write this while my emotions are raw and unfiltered.
So I consider Haikyuu as a top 3 sports series of all time with Slam Dunk and Hajime no Ippo. It just hits the mark so well with unique character designs, great character writing, and secondary character that are just so memorable. It truly deserves all the respect that the series gets. As a former athlete myself at the high school and university level, Haikyuu resonated with me heavily. The bond that you form in a sports career that only spans your school years can last a lifetime.
You never forget the highs or the lows or the people who helped make the experience special, and I still remember the rivals and names of those that I have played against. Haikyuu does a fantastic job of emulating the feeling of competing in high school sports. I think that reason is why I resonated with this series so much, beyond the casual Haikyuu fan. But even so, there is value in Haikyuu for everybody, not just athletes.
For myself, I remember I had this lul in my life where I was very depressed in my athletic career and my love life, Haikyuu really helped me get through that. I remember getting home from morning practices in university, being upset about life and just watching shitty quality Haikyuu clips on YouTube from my phone. Something about the music and the direction of the series really motivated to continue on with my day. Seeing the members of Karasuno and other teams be great friends motivated me into wanting to become a better friend and teammate. It was the conscious decision of not letting my depression ruin my relationships with others, that helped me grow past my depression.
And I think it’s important that we always cherish those around us. As they elevate us, we hope to elevate others, creating an environment that breeds positivity and getting better. When I was depressed, I was in such a pit of despair and watching and reading Haikyuu made me realize that this life isn’t one that’s worth looking down at, you must look up.

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