Men Love Me

I don’t know what it is but I collect straight boys like Pokémon cards. This is not a trait that I necessarily take pride in as never in my life have I ever thought that I needed more guy friends. Between sports, school, and work – I just happen to collect men. In every boys group chat, there is one dude who gets hit on a little too much and it’s me. I have screenshots of these dudes telling me that they want to do to me what they wish their significant others would allow them to do to them. Are all straight men just secretly gay? Well, you know my answer to that.

Extending on that point though, compared to most men – I do feel like I am a bit more feminine, in case there’s an excuse to why men find me so attractive. Realistically, they’ve probably typed thick Asian into their Hub search before and I’m the closest thing that they have to that in real life. I am a smaller man, I have some curves, and when everyone was too nervous to say the word gay I may have been considered a metrosexual man. So do I really fault men for being secretly in love with me? I get it.

The sheer amount of boyfriends of girl friends that I meet for the first time that love me at a first impression is crazy too. I’m really out here collecting boyfriends too. I don’t think that I carry a lot of the masculine traits that a lot of men carry. Although I can get very competitive, I just repress those ambitions because I know that I can get really toxic at times, I think men can feel my sincerity, combo’d with how I just listen. Maybe a hot take but I think that a lot of men don’t really want to be in a relationship as much as they just want someone to be there and listen. I happen to be a fantastic listener. All while being able to steer conversations and make men feel like the center of the universe.

Shoot, I think that I have the ability to make most people feel like they’re the only person in the room. As an alpha, I have this superpower. Maybe their girlfriends don’t do enough to make them feel special, maybe men just feel lonely. I can fix that. Men want to feel like they matter. It’s why men always will help with opening doors or unscrewing jars. I know how to give men that feeling of being top dawg. Just don’t top me, dawg. I make your man feel things, that they would never feel with you. You probably shouldn’t feel too insecure about that.

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