(MANGA SPOILERS) SHINGEKI NO KYOJIN: I was right and you were wrong

One of my most popular articles and most commented on is my review of Attack on Titan back in January of 2014. I had a bunch of comments from people telling me how I was wrong and dumb for even putting out that opinion. Mind you, at the time – the manga was just a mess. There were all these storylines that didn’t look like they were going to have proper endings, the pacing was all over the place, and Eren was just a chad shounen protagonist.
Dummies that are getting clowned on

As years go by, AOT gets better and I enjoy it more. The second half of season 3 of the anime was chef’s kiss and so is what has currently been animated of the final season. BUT ALAS, I AM A MANGA READER AND JUST LIKE A FORTUNE TELLER – I GOT IT RIGHT AND YOU WERE WRONG. My belief that AoT suffers from poor pacing and poor execution lands on its feet. Eat shit chads, I WAS RIGHT AND YOU WERE WRONG. Don’t ever doubt my takes on anime ever again plebs – y’all are lucky to have me. HAHAHAHAHA. I don’t take constructive criticism personally but those comments were personal attacks and I saved the mother fuckin’ receipts. First post since last year and it’s to put you losers in your place!

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