Kobe Bryant

In my youth, there were always basketball jerseys that were going in and out of fashion. Being in Toronto, the Vince Carter jersey was hot for awhile and Allen Iverson’s black 76ers jersey was all the rage as well. But as time goes on, players ascend and descend in fame and skill, yet the golden Lakers jersey with the number 8 or 24, was always popular. Even now, years after his retirement, I still see his jersey around.

Kobe Bryant, transcended basketball. He was a figure that is known for basketball, but demonstrated that a passion is not only channeled through one medium. He loved basketball, but he also loved working hard and being the best. He loved being a mentor to his daughter Gianna, he has an Academy Award for channeling his passion into art, and he even had a music career. Kobe Bryant, did things the way he wanted to. Mamba Mentality dominates in sports, business, social settings – everything, Mamba Mentality is everything.

When a figure that is larger than life passes away, it’s unbelievable. Someone that is larger than life can’t die, they’re supposed to be immortal, bulletproof, undefeated. But they do die. And we’re in shock because we are reminded that they are only human, like everybody else. That only makes it more amazing though. That an incredibly talented human, Kobe Bryant took advantage of his time and talent and channeled it all through hard work. It’s ironic, how I never took the “carpe diem” stuff very seriously until Kobe passed away. Because if Kobe can die like that, what does that make us regular folk.

I just hope that in his last moments, that he didn’t have any regret. I just hope that he knew that he did everything he could’ve done and more. That his name and body of work will stand the test of time and that he left all the resources in the world for his family. When you shoot a crumbled ball of paper into the recycling bin and yell his name, that ain’t luck, that’s Kobe.

Say his name.

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