Jake Gyllenhaal Appreciation Post

So I just watched The Guilty which was whatever, but I just had to write this article about Jake Gyllenhall because damn, that man right there…he’s that man. He might be the greatest actor of our generation but many folks wouldn’t consider him to be. Maybe because he is so handsome, it distracts from his acting chops but damn. THAT MOVIE IS LITERALLY JUST HIM PANICKING FOR 2 HOURS AND HIS PERFORMANCE IS AMAZING. I’m not really going to get into his history or his background in acting but just look at his fucking track record. Whether you remember him from Donnie Darko or Spiderman, he’s always been a standout performer. He’s just so good and I just have to gush because when I recognize great talent, I just have to write or tell someone about it.

If you just want to watch something like Enemy with one of the best current directors in Hollywood – Denis Villeneuve, you will not understand what that film is about but you know that Jake (we’re on a first name basis) killed the role. Every time I watch him act I think “Jake Gyllenhaal, really is that dude”. And perhaps he’s better with the more serious darker roles like in Prisoners, End of Watch, or Nightcrawler – but the guy is just good at everything when you consider his onstage work and his earlier work in October Sky and The Good Girl – he has range like Mariah (of the Carey variety). If Jake Gyllenhaal were to ever appear in a bad film, which he has been in a few, just understand that it’s not his fault. It was the script or the direction.

He’s also at that level of fame where when someone is onscreen all you can see is the actor. For instance, The Rock, Vin Diesel, Will Smith (because his movies are kinda meh recently) are cases where when they’re on screen you can’t separate the actor from the role. Jake Gyllenhaal will just act the shit out of his role and it’s amazing. He is truly one of the greatest talents in Hollywood and I don’t think it is recognized enough because dare I say, he is too handsome. I just want to wish everyone a great day, but to Jake Gyllenhaal – I want to wish you a majestic one, sir.

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