It’s their era: White Women

I was watching the Grammy’s tonight and witnessed the queen Taylor Swift just absolutely own the night. Above that, she also managed to announce her new album The Tortured Poets Department by releasing an image on her Instagram account along with the most beautiful piece of poetry I’ve ever read. Suddenly I was reminded of another pop culture milestone that happened recently with Sydney Sweeney’s Hot Ones episode, made famous by Sydney’s beautiful YouTube thumbnail. So all this got me thinking – is it finally time for white women to be having their moment?

I mean realistically, we should have all seen this coming. Martha Stewart went to prison, is a multimillionaire through it, and for an 82 year old woman, she’s fit as a fiddle. Were we just late on this trend or is this trend just something that is coming to light now? I mean, for years now I’ve been so enamored by Asian culture and the contributions made by our Black American compatriots, that I never even noticed white women. But if anything, I’m guilty for not knowing earlier as the last woman I dated – she was white. I was probably taking white women for granted. So maybe I’m just oblivious to all of this. I know that I’m usually more observant than the average Joe – so if I’m just noticing it now, I might be putting you guys onto white woman for the first time as well.

To be honest, I have been getting bored of the aforementioned trends in Asian and Black culture. Hip Hop, RnB, Kpop, Asian dramas, Asian food – realistically it’s so extra. Like, yeah we get it, you’re good but do Jungkook and The Weeknd gotta be going so hard on the vocals for every song? Like Usher you really going to sing and dance? How many more restaurants are we going to go open David Chang? Sometimes, I just want something easy. I just want to listen to a voice that is easy to listen to, eat food that I won’t have to worry about drinking water for because it’s spicy. I don’t want to have to watch a movie and think about the struggles of marginalized groups in society. When did everything have to get so meta?

Real talk, I’m kinda afraid. What if white women just become more influential in our everyday culture? Like what if white women end up making decisions that could negatively affect people of colour like me? Oh my God . . . are Asian people over with? Are Black people over with? Should I be afraid of white women? I don’t know, I’m pretty into this right now. I mean, have you watched Barbie? Greta and Margot really cooked. I never thought about white women in this light before. Maybe the world is better when white women get their shine. Maybe one day a white woman could save all of us like Mother Theresa or Sandra Bullock.

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