I’m trying to ghost this dude

I’m a pretty social guy and I make plenty of friends, sometimes on purpose, sometimes by mistake. I’m super charming – I know. But the issue is that sometimes it backfires and I end up attracting a lot of people who I probably won’t like. I’m also fully aware that I might be coming off as a huge jackass right now but to be honest, I think that this opinion is quite fair. I deficiently try to give everyone a fair shot and the benefit of the doubt. I think it’s why most of my relationships go well. But there’s this one dude I used to work with who keeps messaging me on Facebook and I just don’t want to be his friend.

He’s a nice guy, he means well, but he’s never really shown any interest in me besides the fact that I am a good listener and am always open to supporting him if he’s making a tough decision. We don’t have anything in common, he doesn’t have much of a sense of humor, and selfishly – he just doesn’t provide me with any satisfaction as a friend. And maybe I’m enabling him by being a nice guy but when someone comes to you with their problems, like he does, because he feels that I can give him some sense, it’s hard not to say something or show some compassion. I’ve told my friends about this dude and they tell me to just cut him off and tell him that you’re not interested in being friends but how are you supposed to do that.

So I’m thinking about what to do and how to deal with this guy and I realized that I gotta do what I gotta do. Something that many women on this planet have done to me, maybe more so than any man has ever gone through. I need to ghost this dude. And that’s what I’m doing. He’s been sending me Facebook messages and I just don’t reply for weeks, and when I do it’s like “Hey man, sorry been busy with life. That’s awesome.” That’s it, that’s the move. Sometimes if he talks more, I’ll follow up with one word/one sentence replies. The girls that get it, get it. And the Baron’s who don’t, don’t. And now I totally understand why ghosting is so common because I am doing it to this dude who isn’t even trying to romantically pursue me. Ghosting sucks but I have seen the light.

Also, he’s not going to read this. He doesn’t care about my blog because it’s not something that concerns him.

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