I’m tired of congratulating you

At my age, a lot of my peers are getting engaged, married, buying homes, and cranking out babies. Shit my friends Kevin and Sasha have cranked out there second little one – Juno. They have lapped me in kids. Pretty wild stuff, congratulations to them. In the time since they’ve had Juno, they’ve dated, had their first child, bought a home, and got married. And me? I fell in love with a girl I met on vacation, sulked about her for a few months and wrote a few blog articles about it – that’s about it. By the way, I am very happy for Sasha and Kevin, I’m just using their experiences to contrast my experiences.

However, the point of this short article is that I am done. No more congratulating people I see on social media about their graduation, marathon, promotion, engagement, marriage, baby, first home – I’m done. I feel happy for you in my head, but I’m not sending you a message, I’m done with that. I’m not trying to keep track of your guys’ milestones. And to be frank, you probably don’t even want me to shoot you a message because so many other friends/family are spamming you with their well wishes. Please don’t take this personal, I think that if we are actually friends, you would understand that I have a lot of friends and to be honest, I love all my friends equally and I cannot give everyone equal attention all the time.

If you want me to congratulate you for something, it better be freaking amazing. Like you better win the Superbowl or win the lottery. Otherwise, I am not sending you my blessings. By the way, this is not me trying to be bitter. I’m super stoked for your marriage, baby, house, whatever but people do this stuff everyday. It’s actually how our society works so, keep that in mind. Actually, congrats for being another cog in the machine, you NPC. If you’re reading this, take this blog article as an evergreen congratulations message because you won’t be getting one from me on the actual day of whatever the heck it is that you’re celebrating. Also, I’ve muted like half of my Instagram following list because I don’t want to unfollow cuz we’re friends but at the same time, some of you are really basic with your everyday posts.

I don’t dislike you, I’m just bored of some of y’all.

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