I watched Twice live, now I cannot go back to living a normal life

How did I spend my Canada Day long weekend? Well I moved, saw some friends, and had a few drinks. But on the Sunday, I saw Korean pop sensations Twice as they performed to a sold out crowd in Scotia Bank Arena for the first stint of their two leg stay in Toronto. I’ve been a fan of Twice since 2018 – so I’m not an OG fan, but being a fan of a group for 5 years and counting doesn’t make me less of a fan. In fact, if anything these five years have been a concentration of me being an intense fan. I literally listen to their music and see their faces on my phone everyday. And let me tell you guys something, it was better than perfect. What I had imagined in my head was nothing like the experience of seeing Twice live. I freaking love these girls to the extent that my brain subconsciously took over and I yelled I LOVE YOU from my seat, where they looked like ants.

The girls are charming onscreen and in my ears but in person, they are a whole other level of charming. The beauty, grace, and talent that these girls exhibited were next level. They over delivered on who they were. Dahyun, my favourite member of the group is the most charming person in the world. I didn’t even know this but she’s legit fluent in English. Whereas the other girls spoke in Korean and had a translator, she inherited the spirit of B. Rabbit and said “I’LL GO ACAPELLA” without the need of a translator. When Sana did her solo performance, I was quiet the entire time because I had never seen something so hot in my life. All the members had their individual performances and they were all unique in their own ways with charm in their own ways.

I remember when I saw BTS back in 2018 and how much I freaked out, this was equal, if not more of a freak out. During their first two songs, I was actively pinching myself, I was screaming. I kept yelling to myself “OH MY GOD, THEY’RE RIGHT THERE. THEY’RE PERFECT. HOW IS THIS MY LIFE. I LOVE MY LIFE.” And as the night when on, as they kept playing hit after hit after hit. I just kept saying to myself that my life would never get better, until they played the next hit. The one thing that this show convinced me of is that I need to open up a separate savings account where I can automate a deposit every month for a front row seat fund.

I’ve lived a great life, with a lot more on the way. I’ve got good friends, family that loves me, a job that I enjoy, and I’ve travelled a lot of the world. But seeing Twice last night was truly one of the greatest experiences of my life. You ever been so happy that your body cannot contain it? Maybe you guys have lived full lives too. Maybe you’ve gotten married, have had kids, won a Super Bowl maybe. BUT YOU WILL NEVER BE HAPPIER THAN ME LAST NIGHT. There are very few experiences like seeing a group you stan for the first time.

I love Twice, they have made life a lot better for me. In times where I feel down, I feel like listening to Twice helps me cheer up. Their music spans from the basics to something fancy. They’re so incredibly talented, they can walk the walk and talk that talk. I could have watched them from moonlight to sunrise. I was so happy that I felt drunk, but I was alcohol free the entire night. But I still danced the night away! I felt like they set me free from all burdens and gave me all the feels of crazy stupid love. What is love? Twice is love and by the way, this paragraph only exists for me to put as many song titles of theirs in this blog.

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